Hearing Services at Martha's Vineyard

Vineyard Audiology offers a broad range of services because our goal is to help as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. We want to be your one-stop hearing center right here on the island. If you have been having difficulty with hearing or understanding the sounds around you, let us evaluate your hearing and find a solution.

We carry many different hearing aid options depending on your specific hearing needs, and we can help with everything to do with hearing aids, from fitting them to maintaining them. But hearing health is about more than just hearing instruments — it's also about protecting your hearing and finding lifestyle changes that will make it easier for you to understand and communicate with the people you love.

General Hearing Services

Hearing Device Services

Follow-Up Visits for Hearing Aids

All office visits are included in the cost of your hearing aids for the first year. We want patients to feel comfortable with their new hearing aids, and we encourage you to visit us and give us the chance to help make it right. In general, we recommend that patients come see us on a regular schedule so we can keep their hearing aids clean and effective.

Hearing Aid Warranty & Returns

All hearing aids purchased from Vineyard Audiology come with a 30-day trial period. If your hearing aids aren't working for you by the end of your trial, we will give you the full cost back minus shipping and handling and our professional fee. Hearing aids also come with a manufacturer's warranty, which depends on what level of hearing aid you purchase. All EarQ hearing aids come with the Secure 4-Year Warranty, America’s longest hearing aids warranty.

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