Follow-Up Visits for Hearing Aids

All office visits are included in the cost of your hearing aids for the first year. We want patients to feel comfortable with their new hearing aids, and we encourage you to visit us and give us the chance to help make it right. In general, we recommend that patients come see us on a regular schedule so we can keep their hearing aids clean and effective.

  • Two weeks after you first get your hearing aids, we bring you back to make sure the sound is working for you, go over the cleaning process, and give you another opportunity to review how to take care of your hearing devices.
  • Every six months, we suggest you come in for a check-up so we can give your hearing aids a thorough cleaning. However, some patients prefer to have us clean their hearing aids once a month, and we welcome you to do so.
  • Once a year, we recommend getting your hearing re-tested. This lets us catch any changes to your hearing loss early.